Thank You For Supporting Our Rescue Cats!

We've been supported in large part by small contributions.  

It truly keeps us going during the slow times.  We sincerely appreciate and put to good use all donations - great or small.  100% of your donation pays for food, litter, veterinary assistance and medications, toys, blankets, etc, and helps us keep a comfortable roof and temperature over the cats for them to roam free from cages...especially at 3 a.m!  While the Blue Cat Cafe is not non-profit, we usually break even.  We are happy with this, but would like to save for a new home someday.

Any donation is appreciated.

We also have a wishlist if you're on Amazon  It contains the things we order and use just about everyday.  

The Blue Cat Cafe was started in part by over 1,000 Kickstarter backers!  

All who contributed made the dream possible, and we would like to thank everyone who donated even a dollar.

We would like to especially recognize the following list of Kickstarter donors for their incredible generosity. They sponsored above and beyond to cover the cost of the first 100 cats who lived and were adopted out of the cafe.



The Eli Scripps Family
Jan Gray
Zach Hoeken
Dr. Roy Smith & Central Texas Cat Hospital
Mat Maa
Jeff Shaevel
Rebecca Rubero
Lisa Peppas
Sharon Krueger
Susan English
Cindy Margules
Gayla Field & Family
Jessica Slaven
Ariel Ximenes
Erik Gossage
Diana Gillikin
Douglas Shuga
Tom Snyder
Amy Juried
Laura Guenther
Kristen Hansen
Susan Salch
Kara McMurray
The Flabiano family
Dana Wassarman
Marlo Kovach
Matt Wilczynski
Mandi LeBlanc
Shauna Nelligan
Emily ODonnell
Mitch Harding
Josh Berlin
Raghav Mahalingam
Sandra Hintzman
Jena Lynn Meuth
Ryan Gray
Johanna Goforth
Rene & Jay McCoy Custom Stickers + Tees!
Nicole Pauls
John K Nusbaum
Amy Cavender
Jordan Burgar
Elizabeth Woodcock
Erica Konecny
Sheila Smith
Kate Kuchler
Lisa Doggett
Marcia Sanderson
Robert Grunnah
Lucas Boyd
Cathryn Snyder
Greg + Tovah
Nicola Bentley
Suzanne Gray
Bridget Burris
Studio Stence Photography
Daniel and Evelyn Ting
Kristi McClintock
Brandin Moghaddasi
Christine Menegaz
Christine and Bill Veith
Peyton Kempf
The Davis Family
Kendra Laflin
Lauren Alexa Wieland
Mark Reynolds
Craig Burke
Carrie Fussell
Kristin Johansen-Berg
Jason A. Carney
Anne & Phil Sidari
Kevin & Debbie Block-Schwenk
Ben Godkin
Bonnye BauerleTaylor Newport
Courtney Tye
Stephany Griggers
Sean Homrig
Shawn Balestracci
Ashley Erb
Emily Neie
Seth & Shawn Peters
Michelle Lee
Kyle Terrill
Alexa G W
Nicole G Harper
Grace Ortman
Dr. Bruce & Suzanne Gray
Chris Aniszczyk and Elizabeth Winkler
Bob and Bonnie Elliott
Matt & Maddox
Susi and Dane
Dennis Clauson
Brian Massey

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our whiskers!